DSEAR Risk assessments

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 require employers who handle flammable liquids, gases or powders to review the safety of their operation against a set framework of precautions. These are may be intended to prevent fires and explosions, or to mitigate the consequences if they cannot be prevented.

Specific new requirements include the need for any hazardous areas to be defined and when new plant and equipment is brought into service the explosion safety features should be verified by a competent person before first use.

Alan was involved in the drafting of the original Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance that HSE published in support of the Regulations.These have been merged and republished as book L138, downloadable from the HSE website

He has experience of undertaking a DSEAR assessments in a broad range of premises


Petrol tanks are usually buried to provide protection from fire, but this site seems to have gone to extremes to provide cooling water