General Fire Precautions at premises with special fire risks

All site operators now have to assess for themselves the risks and the standards of general fire precautions at their premises. In many cases existing standards set a simple yardstick, but these standards are inadequate where there are special fire risks associated with storage or processing of flammable materials such as liquefied flammable gases or highly flammable liquids. Alan has experience of assessing such risks, using the in house standards developed by HSE for premises that previously held HSE fire certificates under the Fire Certificates (Special Premises) Regulations, at premises as diverse as the large petrochemical sites at Grangemouth and Mossmorran, the nuclear power stations at Hunterston and Torness and many premises in the whisky industry. The HSE in-house standards have now reappeared as an annex in BS9999.

This is the ethylene cracker at Mossmorran


Malt distilleries like this often have few employees but huge numbers of visitors. Most maturation warehouses are now separated from the distillery.