HazardEX 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006

Interflam 2000: Chemical Warehouses, a challenge for Fire Engineers

Interflam 2004: Fire Engineering, how good is good enough?

Alan has contributed to many research papers, technical conferences, HSE publications and publications from trade associations and professional bodies.

He was on the editorial committee for the I Chem E books ‘Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection’, published in 2000, and ‘Process vessels subject to explosion rating, guidelines for the pressure rating of weak vessels’

Below is the cover of guidance on fire precautions for textile premises, produced by the HSE’s Textile Industries Advisory Committee in a committee which Alan chaired.


He also wrote the current and previous version of HSE’s guidance on dust explosions, booklet HSG 103 “safe handling of combustible dust; precautions against explosions”

Conference presentations include papers at Hazards XIII, XV, XVI and XVII from the Hazards Conference series from the NW branch of the I Chem E. At the Hazards XX conference in April 2008 he presented a paper ‘HAZOPs for dust handling plant: a sledgehammer to crack a nut or a useful tool?’ In 2009 he gave a paper on the ICL Plastics tragedy at Hazards XXI, and in April 2011 at Hazards XXII he gave a paper on Major Hazards of natural gas storage, comparing the varied technologies used to store large volumes of gas.

Safe Handling and Storage of biomass at thermal power stations written under contract for the Energy Institute published in 2016

He has 5 papers as author, or co-author published in the Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, the most recent in Jan 2008