Useful links

Despite Google, finding the right link to information is not always easy. This page contains some links I have found useful
HazardEx runs conferences, newsletters and a journal that bring together mainly the electrical suppliers of equipment for explosive atmospheres.

The I Chem E publish lots of relevant books, including the main reference work on dust explosions.

The official ATEX guidelines from the European Union are a fairly indigestible read, but they are authoritative and do get updated as questions are resolved in Brussels. The latest version was published in April 2016. Examples of the sort of tricky issue they try to clarify include application of ATEX to silos and bins; and to mechanical seals.

Ind-ex is a German led development, which has attracted a number of names from elsewhere in Europe. It seems to be a forum for development of research proposals in the field of explosion safety, as well as a resource for sharing information.

Hartmut Beck, while working for the the Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften was equally diligent in collecting dust explosion statistics from German industry. This report from 1997 gives tables of results analysed in various useful ways.

I’ve had for a long time, an American publication called, ‘Prevention of dust explosions in grain elevators, an achievable goal. ‘ It dates from 1980, and in terms of the standards now available is dated, but the analysis of the problems it remains good. It seems to be little known but is available online at see