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Alan offers his expertise in a range of other areas. Please click on the topics to find out more.

  • DSEAR risk assessments
  • Fire hazards of high fire risk flammable solids
  • Expert witness: civil claims and planning applications
  • Research
  • Training
  • Standardisation
  • This site has very little about LPG, although this is very widely handled, and misused. Many users handle it in small disposable cartridges, or refillable cylinders of sizes up to 47kg. LPG is also used as the propellant in many aerosol cans.
    Leaks of LPG have caused numerous incidents. This is partly because it tends to accumulate at low level, within poorly ventilated spaces, and its presence is easily overlooked, and its (added) smell may not be evident. Its partly because it is used by so many people in domestic premises, including caravans, and temporary buildings, as distinct from industrial premises.
    Its use is very heavily codified in the UK, with detailed standards on many topics, published by the Liquid Gas UK trade association. However, in the unlikely event that you wanted to buy a full set, and were not a member of Liquid Gas UK, this would cost more than £1700 for printed copies, and they are not available as pdf files.
    Sadly LPG cylinders are widely misused. Elsewhere on this site is a picture of a cylinder used as a trailer jockey wheel. This picture (not from the UK) shows them adapted for use as seats in a pavement cafe.
    LPG seats